The Blockchain Barnyard is a Solana built series of NFT collections with a common theme of farming. We are a small team of 3 individuals who are excited to open up minting sometime early January stay tuned!

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Is a co-owner helping marketing and managing our discord community.

Barnyard broker

Is a co-owner of the project as well as our head marketer and discord community manager.

Is a co-owner and is in charge of creating the NFT's, Candy Machine, and all of our websites.


On January 30th we will be releasing our second collection, BCBY: Animals. We will have 4000 NFTs available, with various rarities. There will be a presale whitelist, which will occur 1 hour before the public sale. People on the presale will be able to mint up to 3 NFTs in the presale. The cost of each animal is 0.1 SOL. We recommend you use phantom wallet when minting.​


Phase 1
-FREE MINT: Release BCBY Farmers: a free mint to gain more traction, and get the community involved with our project.

-LISTING: After mint farmers will be listed on Magic Eden

-ROYALTIES: Royalties from secondary sales will be going back into community giveback/marketing. In basic words, any funds generated will go to the future of the project.

-MARKETING: 75% of the money made from royalties of the free mint will go to marketing for future mints.

-COMMUNITY GIVEBACK: We will reward holders of the farmers. There will be exclusive giveaways and rewards for holders of certain quantities, and qualities of rare farmers. Supporting members can expect giveaways for SOL, discounted mint prices and more.

-DEV TEAM: We will expand our team to include developers with experience in blockchain development and begin development of the token and staking mechanisms.

-TEASERS: We will give consistent updates and show progress of the development of our future releases and plans so that the community can be up to date on our progress.

-DOXXING: Our team will be doxxing via a program like civic, to ensure more trust between founders and community members.

-SWEEPING & BURNING: 25% of royalties earned will go toward sweeping the floor price of NFTs on secondary markets. Where half will be used in giveaways, and half burnt.

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Phase 2

-MARKETING: Project hype will be maintained with BCBY: Animals coming shortly after farmers.

-MINTING: 4000 Animals will be released for 0.1 SOL.

-UTILITY: Farmers and animals will act as multipliers for token generation when staking. Rarity of your NFTs, and amount staked will affect the multiplier!

-TEASERS: Stages of the staking process and website will be shown to ensure production.

-PRODUCTION: Revenue generated from second mint will be allocated to our new developers salaries. This will ensure that we hire talented developers

-MARKETING: Intensive Marketing to ensure that the project continues to gain traction and attract new people.

-SWEEPING & BURNING: 25% of royalties earned will go toward sweeping the floor price of NFTs on secondary markets.

-EXCLUSIVITY: Both gen 1 farmers and animals, will NEVER be re-released. The benefits of gen 1 will always be greater than any future planned releases.

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Phase 3

-LAND PLOTS: There will be an initial 3000 land plots that get released for 0.5 SOL each (price still could be subject to change).

-MARKETING: like the other collections, phase 3 will include intensive marketing to get more people involved, and introduce more people to our project.

-STAKING MECHANISM: In season one you will be able to stake your farm (at least one NFT from each collection) to start earning our project's own token($WHEAT) which will be used for gameplay in season 2. The more quantity of farmers/animals as well as higher rarities will generate you more tokens.

-LIMITS: Staking will be limited to 5 farmers and 5 animals per land plot. This is to encourage future minting of land.

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Season 2

-MINTING: Dynamic minting for land will commence, after every X amount of land the price of plots will rise. Land plots will start at 0.5 SOL as well as an X amount of our token, and as more are minted we will move to land costing only our token

-LAND: In season 2 land plots will have 90% chance to be regular land, and 10% chance to be bandit land, regular land will also have a 10% chance to be stolen by the bandits (stolen regular land will then be randomly airdropped to a bandit land staker).

-HARVESTING: You will need to pay a 20% tax on each harvest to the bandits to harvest your wheat, or you can risk harvesting all your wheat (with a chance to lose all to bandits) but you will need to have staked for at least 3 days.

-TOKEN: Staking will yield a token on the solana blockchain, which can be used to mint more land, and future generations of farmers and animals. These will all be dynamic mints so you can keep expanding your farming empire! LP is still being discussed, and will be consulted with professionals. -UPGRADE SYSTEM: You will be able upgrade your land via a risk/reward system. Minting for a meteor will be available, the meteor will have different % chances to boost your lands token generation. The meteor will cost both SOL and our token. Meteor can only be used to upgrade 1 plot of NON bandit land.

-FUTURE GENERATIONS: We will release future generations of farmers and animals,(like female farmers) these will have lower rewards than the genesis collections, the new generations will be dynamic, and a way for new people to get involved. -SPECIFICS: The specific numbers and chances are subject to change as we want to build a great game economy so our token and game will succeed.




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